2014 Interviews

Grete Stroback
Having lived at The Dunfield for over 4 years, this resident is as impressed with everything about The Dunfield today as the day she moved in. The variety of activities, the friendly accommodating staff, the amenities and sense of community are second to none.

Dr. Shaul
Long-time resident share how The Dunfield’s Un-Retirement lifestyle encourages residents to be an active part of the Dunfield community by bringing their interests and ideas so others can learn and share. For example, photography is one of my passions, so I organized a “Photography is Art” class where I show my own work as well as those of other photographers.

Elenor Persiko
I was a widow for 11 years before moving into The Dunfield. “Since coming here I feel much younger than my age”. There is always something interesting to do like music programs, bridge and much more to stimulate mind and body. The staff are wonderful and so patient. “For me, The Dunfield is my home.”

Bunny Gurvey
Our kids were becoming concerned when my husband started to have mobility issues. I have always been an outgoing active person, with many interests, and leaving him home alone was becoming problematic. Since moving into The Dunfield 3 years ago, I have been able to pursue my interests, knowing that my husband is well cared for. The peace of mind is priceless.

Pat Stock
“I chose The Dunfield because I wanted to stay in the neighbourhood, where I have lived my entire life.” I love the location and my four sons live nearby and often visit. The nearby public transit system is convenient and takes me anywhere I want to go. I get to choose what I want to do and when and with whom for example the flexible meal times and options and no designated seating.

Joan Randall
I was not in a hurry to move into a retirement residence and I had specific criteria with respect to the type of suite I would like. So when a suitable option came up, I wasted no time. I was pleased that I was able to personalize my suite with hardwood floors, designer wall colours and curtains. Everything at The Dunfield is on my terms, which makes living here everything I would imagine.

Michael & Laura Wong
Having lived in the neighbourhood for many years this couple chose The Dunfield because of the large repertoire of activities including exercise classes, music and art classes and the stimulating lecture series. “Everyday we learn something new, it’s been a discovery process for both of us”.

Arden King
Having lived in a Victorian house for 40 years, I wanted a lifestyle that was carefree and involved no cooking. At The Dunfield I spend my time enjoying life and all the wonderful activities like the fitness classes, therapeutic pool as well as the wide range of excursions. I’ve made many new friends with common interests and when we suggest new ideas the staff here always listen and try to accommodate them.

Roy & Marny Loach
Our kids spurred our decision to move from our home. As driving a car was out of the option now, we wanted to be close to public transit because we were both still very active with volunteer work. “Since moving to The Dunfield I always have a smile on my face”. The dining room is beautiful and relaxing – perfect for entertaining family and friends, which we do quite often.

Karen & Murray
When considering a retirement residence the question of “security” always comes up. In addition to being in a safe neighbourhood, The Dunfield takes the security of our residents very seriously including a gated patio, on-site reception staff and security guards, key FOB access and guest sign –in procedures, on-site generator in case of power failures, etc. The other aspect of “security” rests with our well-trained hand picked staff, who because they get to know our residents during the initial move-in and transition period are able to detect both physical and cognitive changes both positive and negative. In the process of encouraging independence, the staff facilitate new experiences and friendships with our residents as part of a supportive family community.

2013 Interviews

Edith Atkins-Goodis
After loosing her husband, I decided to make a move from my large home. I had visited 4 other retirement residences before opting for a trial stay at The Dunfield. Much to my surprise, I was unable to find anything negative after I had taste tested the meals and participated in all the activities. It was then I decided The Dunfield was the place for me.

Joan Armstrong
I felt so comfortable and welcome when I first came to The Dunfield over one and a half years ago. The friendly staff was so friendly and addressed me by name. I found the fellow residents were also very friendly and warm so making new friends was easy especially in the elevator which has proven to be a great meeting place.

Edith Wallace
I was visiting friends in the neighbourhood when we decided to check out The Dunfield. I was immediately taken with the grand hallway with the beautiful arrangement of flowers. I knew about The Dunfield’s reputation, but I did not know anyone living here. Once I saw the bright suite and met some of the friendly staff, it didn’t take long to move in.

Joan Wiley
When you live at home on your own and have no family to look after you, it can be worrisome. An at home accident spurred me to follow a friend’s glowing recommendation to investigate The Dunfield. One visit is all it took. I’ve been here for over 3 years and I love it here.

Tim Fellowes
After having lived in Bermuda for many years, this couple decided to come back to Canada when one spouse was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After trying other retirement residences a family member recommended the Memory Care option available at The Dunfield. “I really appreciate the peace of mind of knowing my wife is being looked after and all her needs are attended to 24/7. The Guest Suites are so convenient when our out-of-town kids from to visit.”

Michael Stancati
The Dunfield’s Concierge shares his reasons for why he loves working here. He describes the friendly genuine approach between staff and residents and their guests. Getting to know the residents and their families, their likes and dislikes is one of the most rewarding aspects. At The Dunfiled “we are one big happy family”.

Karen & Melissa
Dunfield’s marketing representatives explain their role in assisting potential residents and their families through the transition of moving into a retirement residence. “We are accessible 24/7” to answer questions, provide tours and facilitate the transition process. In fact Dunfield residents are our best spokespersons and often offer their experiences and perspectives with potential new residents.